Creativity and Children

Being creative is all consuming. Having (small) children is also all consuming. Mixing the two and getting the recipe “right” is a difficult task that changes in both ingredients and their measurements by the second. Just as you start getting your flow on, something or other comes along and sets about trying to derail you and said flow.

I have a memory of my sister in law and I having a chat about a book that was written about artists and the ways in which they “steal” precious moments away from family. The struggle they face on a daily basis to balance their creative needs and the needs of their dependents. I am feeling this at the moment. I might need to give that book a read (if only I could remember it’s name) and help remind myself that even though it may feel like it, I am NOT the only person who is experiencing this. It’s always helps to know you are not alone.

You are not alone. You are loved and taken care of.

[Just in case you had forgotten that lately.]


Even writing this involves “stealing” moments away. If I didn’t indulge myself in my creativity and the pursuit of it I would, quite likely, be a grumpy lady. A grumpy mum also. So I do “steal” moments away. Sometimes it’s when they’re in the bath. Or when they’re watching a movie.Or when they’re playing one of their fantastic imaginative games. Sometimes I arrange to have time to myself where their dad looks after them whilst I’m doing whatever it is I need to be doing. All in all it is a very necessary process and one that I have learned not to feel guilty about. The reminder of my potential grumpiness helps keep those guilty feelings at bay.

As my children grow I find myself with more and more moments that haven’t needed to be “stolen” and I am sure this will only keep increasing. I want them to have a mother who follows what makes her happy, and lets them know when she needs the time and focus to do so. Some days they get it more than others. And some days I know they need me and my creativity is just going to have to wait. And then there are days when it all aligns magically. (Those are tops!)

To creativity and beyond!


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