Chuffed. Innit.

My first blog was because of a photographic competition that I was wanting to enter. [Taking photos in Africa was the blog’s title.] Well I did it. I entered. I wrote a kick ass little essay on food security and then came up with my idea for my photo essay. 5 photos only. Not the easiest for a photo essay. I am pretty happy with the results. It’s not quite what I thought I would do at the beginning, some of the core elements are still there, but with time and energy restraints, kids and sickness all factored in I think it all came good in the end.

The deadline for entry is midnight on August 1st….not tomorrow, the day after [or ubermorgen as the German say.] The actually trip to Africa isn’t all that far away either….. there’s a briefing session in Sydney mid August and then Kenya and Zimbabwe for 2 weeks at the end of August….. eeek that is closing in fast.
But I like that it is all whirlwind-y and such. Not too much time to let the rational mind in. Just f  king go for it! I had to get a new passport too….. which is yet to arrive. Hopefully this week.

So regardless of the outcome I am pretty chuffed with myself for getting it done. Feeling inspired, being creative and enjoying the process. I reckon there’s plenty more where that came from – might just need a deadline or two to get [and keep] this butt in gear. What’s that saying about diamonds and pressure…..?



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