Now that that’s off my chest…..

I am currently feeling like there is nowhere near enough time in the day. Any day. Everyday. My mind is reeling with thoughts – necessary and unnecessary. I am trying my best to just be and to let it go…. but I just can’t seem to manage for more than a minute or two. (A movie or similar distraction helps me to just be for a longer stint…. but eventually that feeling creeps back in).

Along with this I am also feeling COMPLETELY unmotivated and lacking in any form of discipline needed to achieve one’s goals. And goals I have a plenty! So, what to do? I have no idea other than to simply keep trying to just be, go with the flow and let it go. Hopefully sooner rather than later my motivation and discipline with be back in abundant form ready to whip me into line. Perhaps bringing with them a feeling of timelessness and that there is no need to rush. And to remind myself that this too shall pass and there IS time enough to do what one wants. Maybe just not everything at once and everything right now!

So I am going to remind myself of everything I am grateful for. To enjoy my life. To stay calm and carry on with a smile on my face and a spring (big or small) in my step. If the side of the street your walking on is a bit dark and gloomy, cross the road and get some sunshine on your face.


Action speaks louder

Intention isn’t enough

or so I’m told

Though it is the beginning of most

The difference between

thinking about

and actually doing

is stark

I’m stuck

two feet bogged down

by intention

I need a winch




to tow me







Dizzy my life

I want to wrap you up

to engulf you

leaving you gasping for air

I want to disrupt this sediment

we find ourselves in

dizzy our lives

like a snow globe in a child’s hands

I want to tousle you

leaving you disheveled and spent

though yearning for more

I want to shake this foundation

and watch all that is tedious

fall away

leaving nothing

but ourselves in each other’s arms