11/52 Stills Collection

Something a little bit different this week. These images were taken when I was last in South Africa. 2009. All three are taken using film. I have been going through all my South African photos finding images to use on The Hayden Hack Infusion‘s debut album, The Colour of…..

It has been inspiring looking back through these images and makes me want to go back at the earliest opportunity. (Not a cheap feat with a family of four!) Hopefully we can get our act together and save enough to get over there at the end of this year.

south africa hirstyles

south africa tailor

south africa

8/52 Stills Collection

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I was knocked over with a two day, snot-filled cold and then flew to Melbourne and then drove from Melbourne to Mildura (6hrs)

with my dad and my siblings to attend the funeral of my 93yr old Grandpa, Neal. It was a sad occasion to be sure, but we managed to give it the feel of a celebration and even dressed up

in his clothes for a photo homage of Neal and his great sense of timeless style. It was also officially the first time all of his grandchildren have been in the same place at the same time.

So as you can imagine I didn’t have much time for the ol’ blog and my weekly stills collection.

I am catching up now.


Neal's farewell-1

After 6 hours in the car with nothing but dry, mostly barren countryside we finally arrive.


Neal's farewell-4

My late grandmother Shirley Florence’s tea towel rests on my father’s shoulder.