17/52 Stills Collection



This is my hubby’s band, The Hayden Hack Infusion. This is one of the pics I put together for the booklet of their debut album. It is called The Colour of…. and you will soon be able to purchase the physical CD and digital downloads from their website. Check it out here. They are also on FB, soundcloud etc. Anyhoo, what a colour bunch they are! Have a listen to their tunes. They have worked hard.

15/52 Stills Collection

Long Exposure Party Photo


The dreamy quality of this photography is due to the low light and longer exposure time.

And the use of film.

I love getting film back. Especially if it’s been a while in between taking the photos and getting the film developed….

which, let’s be honest, it usually always is.

7/52 Poetry Collection



I write to make sense

of all that surrounds me

I write to exentuate

all that I have

all that I am

all that I will be


I write to share

depths of my soul

degrees of my persona

not so easily seen


I write to lay bare

to gain perspective

to view and be viewed


I write to inspire

both myself and others

To bring about change

to encourage

to enable


I write to write

a compulsion

a passion

A deep-seated need for the power of words.


words etc