46/52 Stills Collection

Kioni - That's How She Rolls

Love this little chick!


27/52 Stills Collection

Neal's farewell-112


I’m working on a collage to do with the ANZAC theme. I took this photo of one of my late grandfather’s photos when we all went to farewell him in February this year. He had a whole album full of intriguing black and white images. A lot of them from his time with the Australian Navy. I so wish I had the opportunity to talk to him about all these photos. Another time perhaps?

15/52 Stills Collection

Long Exposure Party Photo


The dreamy quality of this photography is due to the low light and longer exposure time.

And the use of film.

I love getting film back. Especially if it’s been a while in between taking the photos and getting the film developed….

which, let’s be honest, it usually always is.