Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Baby Photos.

Here they are. They photos of the absolutely divine Francesca. Oh my. This baby was an angel to photograph and be in the presence of. She would just stare into you. Almost straight through you. Still in between worlds perhaps? I’ll let you judge for yourself.










Well? Cute as hey?! Thanks Frankie, Nina and Blake. Beautiful little family. xxx


Twin Fins


I find myself missing you

The complementary nature of our energies

is like no other before

I find myself missing you

Since our friendships inception

Every moment has been shared

Now too far away to call

for no apparent reason

Late at night

Early in the morning

When the sun is it’s highest in the sky.

I find myself missing you

Under a similar sky

Feet planted on different patches of earth

Separated by the ocean


I will find myself missing you

Until we swim together again

In the same see

Twin fins

You see






The ocean. Vast.


Colouring Book

In this

my colouring book of life

I have started

to incorporate

some of the more vibrant hues

and am no longer


to colour outside of the lines.

In fact

I love it.

In fact

it gives me a thrill.

Tickles my fancy so to speak.

It helps that I

care less and less what others think of me.

In my cloak of patch-worked rainbows



Growth and learning

I happily stand out from the crowd

Dancing to a tune only I can hear.


Rainbow Life

Learning, Living, Loving

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

After learning to live with myself

I am now mastering the task of loving myself

Like all slopes and up hill hikes

I sometimes stumble

I sometimes trip

I sometimes fall

I may have not chosen the correct shoes/support/arsenal/tools/energy/footing

For that leg of the journey

Thus needing to retrace steps

Head back to base

To arm myself correctly

I am getting better at matching myself

For ever changing terrain

I now carry spares

Fit for every occasion

No matter how obscure and sudden

It may spring up to meet me.

Chuffed. Innit.

My first blog was because of a photographic competition that I was wanting to enter. [Taking photos in Africa was the blog’s title.] Well I did it. I entered. I wrote a kick ass little essay on food security and then came up with my idea for my photo essay. 5 photos only. Not the easiest for a photo essay. I am pretty happy with the results. It’s not quite what I thought I would do at the beginning, some of the core elements are still there, but with time and energy restraints, kids and sickness all factored in I think it all came good in the end.

The deadline for entry is midnight on August 1st….not tomorrow, the day after [or ubermorgen as the German say.] The actually trip to Africa isn’t all that far away either….. there’s a briefing session in Sydney mid August and then Kenya and Zimbabwe for 2 weeks at the end of August….. eeek that is closing in fast.
But I like that it is all whirlwind-y and such. Not too much time to let the rational mind in. Just f  king go for it! I had to get a new passport too….. which is yet to arrive. Hopefully this week.

So regardless of the outcome I am pretty chuffed with myself for getting it done. Feeling inspired, being creative and enjoying the process. I reckon there’s plenty more where that came from – might just need a deadline or two to get [and keep] this butt in gear. What’s that saying about diamonds and pressure…..?