15/52 Stills Collection

Long Exposure Party Photo


The dreamy quality of this photography is due to the low light and longer exposure time.

And the use of film.

I love getting film back. Especially if it’s been a while in between taking the photos and getting the film developed….

which, let’s be honest, it usually always is.

11/52 Stills Collection

Something a little bit different this week. These images were taken when I was last in South Africa. 2009. All three are taken using film. I have been going through all my South African photos finding images to use on The Hayden Hack Infusion‘s debut album, The Colour of…..

It has been inspiring looking back through these images and makes me want to go back at the earliest opportunity. (Not a cheap feat with a family of four!) Hopefully we can get our act together and save enough to get over there at the end of this year.

south africa hirstyles

south africa tailor

south africa