Island Time

Morning observations –

Bird noises

Are different

Few people shower

As soon as they wake when camping

Husband still sleeping

After a night of silence

Though I reckon his mind was on overdrive

I put mine to bed

Well before he his.

On this,

Our last day

The sun is beaming

Much earlier than it has been

We can blame the lack of clouds for that.

I have learned to enjoy cups of tea

That are no longer hot.

It’s just life. Evocative and evolving”     Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Inspiration. Lost and Found.

So after my last post I am happy and a little excited about finding my mojo again so quickly. My inspiration, motivation and discipline had gone walk about for a little hiatus only to return just when I needed them most. We embraced warmly and then went inside for bikkies and tea. So in honour of their return this here post is all about inspiration and what inspires me.

Lovely Vision

From the pits of what I think was despair

Overwhelmed by it all

I now find myself


Small moments of pure


Just being





There is beauty in the everyday

In close to every way

Blinding light

Follows blinding dark

Stop looking

and you will see

My vision restored

If only momentarily.

Music that inspires – Ben Howard-Only Love , Kings of Leon-End, Flying Lotus-Tealeaf Dancers, Didier Squiban-Molene, Xavier Rudd-Follow the Sun

Photographers I love – Katrin Koenning, Trente Parke, Mischa Keijser, Iain McKell

Books that I inhale (sometimes more than once) – The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – a man before his time. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy – this lady can write! Anything by Isabel Allende – This woman can write! The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander – This book will change your life!

There are so many areas that I draw inspiration from that I will touch on in another blog in the future. For now, check out some or all of the above to give you an inspired day…. one step at a time into an inspired existence. Big love.

Be yourself and inspire others.

It’s Been A While…..

It’s been a while since my last blog. Ages in fact. There are so many things to write about yet I am struggling to find [make] the time. I am also thinking about trying to keep this blog somewhat consistent in it’s content. There I go again, thinking about defining something, controlling it’s outcome, stifling it so to speak. Why?  ‘Cos that’s what we do…. well, that’s what I do, or think about doing. “My blog is about such and such and ONLY such and such”. But that doesn’t sit with me.

I will allow myself one definition, in a broad sense, it is about me. My life, my experiences, my take on things, my ramblings to and at the world. Me in all of my glory and dysfunction. In all my learning – mistakes and growth. All of this written about with grace. Because we can all benefit from reading about others and their take on things.

We are not our best intentions. We are what we do. – Amy Dickinson [The Mighty Queens of Freeville]

The above quote came out of a book I picked up at the library for 50 cents. It had been sitting on the book self at home for at least a couple of months before I picked it up the other day, drawn to it for some unknown reason. I now know that the above quote was the reason. I love books and how they find you. This is also why I love writing and the instant gratification that is blogging.

From here on in, I will write about WHATEVER tickles my fancy, for myself mostly, but also for you. Sharing is caring after all.

And I will aim to do so weekly.