Natural Beauty.





Inspired by the beautiful photographs taken by Hans Silvester of the people from the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. It was an idea that was thought about on and off for months. I have been constantly looking around, especially when I’m driving, for striking bits of flora that I thought would be suitable. The shoot had to be rearranged a couple of times so flowers I originally thought of using were no longer available by the time we got around to taking the photos. The day itself was all very “organic”. It flowed so nicely from the picking and collecting of all the flora on my way to Sally’s (everything was picked and created that morning), to the capturing these beautiful images.






Many thanks to mother nature for the ever bountiful array of beautiful flora. Also to the lovely Sally for being a most gracious and cooperative model who could see my vision and totally helped me bring it to reality. Thanks to Bec for the black backdrop….. we were originally going to shoot these all outside more akin to Hans Silvester’s images  but I am glad we didn’t. This is far more striking.


Woodford Folk Festival 2012/13

Woodford 2012/13

If  you haven’t been to a Woodford Folk Festival before, well you should add it to your bucket list. It is possibly  the best festival I have ever had the pleasure of attending. There is something for everyone. And so many “things” happening that one can easily walk around the festival with no agenda and stumble upon something amazing again and again. I guess you could call me a veteran of this festival. I first attended as a 6 year old back in it’s humble origins of the Maleny Showgrounds. My how it has grown.

Woodford 2012/13

I eat at Spaghetti Junction almost daily at Woodford. I am and always have been a pasta addict. Just ask my mum. Fresh pasta with chermoula or pesto or pomodoro sauce…just one or a combination for a taste explosion…….YUM!

Woodford 2012/13

There are even elephants at Woodford. This one’s name is Eesha. It is a great festival for children, if a tad tiring. (Mostly for the parents, the kids get wheeled about in all different types of cool contraptions).

Woodford 2012/13

A small section of the crowd watching John Butler Trio. Can you see the lady waving? She’s a Maleny local.

Woodford 2012/13

This plastic container was perched on one of the bins……. I’m still trying to make sense of it….. actually, it’s Woodford…. makes perfect sense!

Woodford 2012/13

Afternoon respite from the heat. Chilling under the rainbow umbrella out the back of the chai tent. Every festival has one.

Woodford 2012/13

The artwork that was created along the walkways never ceases to amaze. Every one adds something as they go past. One piece in particular was big enough to completely get in the way of the rubbish trucks emptying all the bins in the early hours of the morning. Temporary art….. the beauty is you may never see it again.Woodford 2012/13

Lee Hardisty, Anothony Pizzica, Nathaniel Combs amongst others as the in house band for the Blue Lotus venue. A beautiful space created by Dominique Finney and her incredible team.

Woodford 2012/13

These shots below are from Honor Morningstar’s 5 rhythms dance….. wow what an amazing journey to be witness to.

Woodford 2012/13 Woodford 2012/13 Woodford 2012/13 Woodford 2012/13

Tanz is a involved with Woodford for 6 weeks from early December until a week after everyone else has left back to “reality” doing the huge amount of fencing involved in an event of this magnitude. She rocks as you can see from the below photo.

Woodford 2012/13

Goodbye Woodford. Until you wrap me in your safe and warm embrace once more,  I will rely on all the fond memories we’ve made and try not to get too caught up in this here “reality”. Woodford 2012/13

Photos from the Forest

Without not knowing, there is no knowing. Answers need questions just as much as questions need answers.

All images Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

As a photographer I am lucky to live in a naturally gorgeous part of the world with beautiful friends who not only let me photograph them but actively ask for me to. I am a lucky lady and had a blast taking these photos recently down by a local swimming hole. Tanz you are one hot babe! Thanks a bunch x

Inspiration. Lost and Found.

So after my last post I am happy and a little excited about finding my mojo again so quickly. My inspiration, motivation and discipline had gone walk about for a little hiatus only to return just when I needed them most. We embraced warmly and then went inside for bikkies and tea. So in honour of their return this here post is all about inspiration and what inspires me.

Lovely Vision

From the pits of what I think was despair

Overwhelmed by it all

I now find myself


Small moments of pure


Just being





There is beauty in the everyday

In close to every way

Blinding light

Follows blinding dark

Stop looking

and you will see

My vision restored

If only momentarily.

Music that inspires – Ben Howard-Only Love , Kings of Leon-End, Flying Lotus-Tealeaf Dancers, Didier Squiban-Molene, Xavier Rudd-Follow the Sun

Photographers I love – Katrin Koenning, Trente Parke, Mischa Keijser, Iain McKell

Books that I inhale (sometimes more than once) – The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – a man before his time. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy – this lady can write! Anything by Isabel Allende – This woman can write! The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander – This book will change your life!

There are so many areas that I draw inspiration from that I will touch on in another blog in the future. For now, check out some or all of the above to give you an inspired day…. one step at a time into an inspired existence. Big love.

Be yourself and inspire others.


Now that that’s off my chest…..

I am currently feeling like there is nowhere near enough time in the day. Any day. Everyday. My mind is reeling with thoughts – necessary and unnecessary. I am trying my best to just be and to let it go…. but I just can’t seem to manage for more than a minute or two. (A movie or similar distraction helps me to just be for a longer stint…. but eventually that feeling creeps back in).

Along with this I am also feeling COMPLETELY unmotivated and lacking in any form of discipline needed to achieve one’s goals. And goals I have a plenty! So, what to do? I have no idea other than to simply keep trying to just be, go with the flow and let it go. Hopefully sooner rather than later my motivation and discipline with be back in abundant form ready to whip me into line. Perhaps bringing with them a feeling of timelessness and that there is no need to rush. And to remind myself that this too shall pass and there IS time enough to do what one wants. Maybe just not everything at once and everything right now!

So I am going to remind myself of everything I am grateful for. To enjoy my life. To stay calm and carry on with a smile on my face and a spring (big or small) in my step. If the side of the street your walking on is a bit dark and gloomy, cross the road and get some sunshine on your face.


Action speaks louder

Intention isn’t enough

or so I’m told

Though it is the beginning of most

The difference between

thinking about

and actually doing

is stark

I’m stuck

two feet bogged down

by intention

I need a winch




to tow me







Dizzy my life

I want to wrap you up

to engulf you

leaving you gasping for air

I want to disrupt this sediment

we find ourselves in

dizzy our lives

like a snow globe in a child’s hands

I want to tousle you

leaving you disheveled and spent

though yearning for more

I want to shake this foundation

and watch all that is tedious

fall away

leaving nothing

but ourselves in each other’s arms





Back to the Future

Write a letter from your future self to your current self from 10 years from now. Describe your living situation, the people around you, your career or job, your family relationships, your own personality and way of being, your level of satisfaction and happiness and how much love surrounds you. Next, tell your current self what you did to get there. Explain the crucial things you realised and the major hurdles you overcame. – From Carmen Wyld’s Blog

I have been wanting to do this exercise for some time now. Today was the right time and it just flowed. I recommend you give it a whirl.

August 12 2022 (that feels weird to write)

Dear 30-year-old me from a 40-year-old me.

Here I am.

We own our own house with a little bit of land surrounding.  There are permaculture gardens all around and it is beautiful and abundant. We grow the majority of our fruits and vegetables and eat with the seasons. Our little slice of heaven on earth. We share this heaven with other like-minded families on a large property. It has been hard though totally fulfilling working on something of our own.

I am surrounded by grounded, aware and creative friends who “get” me. My husband and I have a bond that has strengthened enormously over the years and our girls are beautiful (at times difficult) teenagers who are full of identity, compassion, curiosity and love.

I am happily productive in a myriad of creative pursuits. I am a writer, photographer and general all-round creative woman who never ceases to learn and be intrigued and amazed by life and all it has to offer. I have made a name for myself and created a living doing that which I love. I  actively help to inspire others to do the same.

I am surrounded by huge amounts of love from myself and from friends and family that I cherish. I am lucky enough to have been able to tell people’s stories through my work and share love with and through them also. I am thoroughly satisfied with my life and all that has helped me become the person I am in the place that I’m in.

The crucial things that I have realised are; you are the only one getting in the way and stopping you from reaching your goals and seeing your dreams come to life. That action speaks louder than words (more heavy metal, less lullaby). And to be patient and enjoy the process.  I overcame my fear of asking people if I could tell their stories, my fear of “getting in the way”. I over came my nature of rushing into things and wanting to have it done right here, right now. (Enjoy the process!) I now understand how interconnected we are and that (usually) people are only too willing to help – you just need to ask.

Allow yourself to blossom and expand. Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Miracles start to happen when you give your dreams as much energy as you do your fears.