30/52 Stills Collection



The above photo is my entry into the Brisbane Festival’s goa Billboard photographic competition on the theme Anzac.

My grandfather on my dad’s side was in the Navy. The above collage was was made using images I took as well as a few collected from my grandfather’s photo albums.

You can check out the other finalists here. To vote, just “like” the image. The image with the most likes will win the people’s choice award.

27/52 Stills Collection

Neal's farewell-112


I’m working on a collage to do with the ANZAC theme. I took this photo of one of my late grandfather’s photos when we all went to farewell him in February this year. He had a whole album full of intriguing black and white images. A lot of them from his time with the Australian Navy. I so wish I had the opportunity to talk to him about all these photos. Another time perhaps?


His grandfather died

An ox, he was, they said

His mother

Alone in China (a country of millions)

Hurtled abuse

Through the screen

In the form of criticisms

About his face

And its lack of expression

The loss of someone you love


Especially when you’ve been divided

By continents and years


A wasted emotion

Becomes a force

That’ll knock you


Any chance it gets

Don’t let your guard down

Or you’re done for.

Rainbow Life

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown