Afrobeat Styled Music Poster.

Music treatment assignment of my spunky husband.

Music treatment assignment of my spunky husband.

One of my recent assignments at Tafe has been to come up with a “treatment” for a music portrait. Above is what I came up with. Love the photo of Hayden Hack, but love it even more now. I looked to afrobeat stars such as Fela Kuti for inspiration as well as CD releases such as Ghana Special – Modern Highlife, Afro-sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968 -1981 and Nigerian Special 1970 -76. I really dig the design of these CD covers. Most afrobeat posters, CD covers etc consist of blocks of bold colours, the person desaturated with a colour wash over them. This is what I was emulating with the above poster.


Beautiful Belly – Pregnancy Photos

We’re pretty lucky that we got these shots at all. This bubba decided he wanted to arrive a little earlier than expected. 6 weeks early to be precise!

Bless this beautiful couple and their gorgeous little man that is happy and healthy and growing wonderfully. Thanks for being so easy going in front of the camera. Now to get some photos of the little man……