1/52 Poetry Collection

I decided that I would also like to challenge myself with a poem a week. Not just written but shared. I am a tad late but will catch up quick. Here’s the first installment.


There is an art to letting go

An art to saying goodbye

A process to remove

the consequences

of a cosmic moment

when time stood


and the universe choose you.

There is an art to grief

There is an art to choice

But there are consequences still.

There is an art to silence

And an art to knowing

When and how to share

An art to being okay when you’re somewhat not.

Sacred contracts



A choice made then

Cannot be made now.

An art to living on.



Neal's farewell-315


His grandfather died

An ox, he was, they said

His mother

Alone in China (a country of millions)

Hurtled abuse

Through the screen

In the form of criticisms

About his face

And its lack of expression

The loss of someone you love


Especially when you’ve been divided

By continents and years


A wasted emotion

Becomes a force

That’ll knock you


Any chance it gets

Don’t let your guard down

Or you’re done for.

Rainbow Life

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown