5/52 Poetry Collection



We share a story

A fairytale existence

Full of laughter

A bubble not to be popped.


Our own orbit

Grounded in truth

Held aloft by love

Deepened with understanding


Strong winds,

Shaky ground,

Uneven terrain

Through it all

Hands clasped firm


Eyes locked

We are


Love him. Yes I do.

Love him. Yes I do.

And so it begins

And so it begins. The next chapter opening before me like a flower in bloom. I am calm. My usual state of letting my mind run on over drive, hyping up the rest of me, is strangely absent. I am focused. I am ready. Calmly waiting for it all to begin. Here’s to the rest of my life. Living, loving, with grace.

I am blessed to have shared many conversations lately, with people, about people. Especially about my love of  finding out things about people you could/would never have guessed upon your initial meetings and sometimes even well beyond that. Things you don’t even know about people you’ve known for some time. I love the fact that we are all a kaleidoscope of life –  lives even. Some we show to some and some we show to others and some we keep only for ourselves.

It is one of the main reasons I love photography. Being able to tell a visual narrative of (an aspect of) someone’s life. To select what you think best visually tells a particular person’s story. To all of my friends reading this, be prepared to receive a phone call from me in the not too distant future to ask you to allow me to document an aspect of you and your life. Please say yes.

We are all connected. We all share stories. It is how we know who we are.



All images Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown.

This Man

This man


knows me

From the hairs on

my belly

to the curve of my breast.


This man


knows me

From the heights

of irrationality

to the depths

of desire.


This man


knows me

From before


drunkenness and stupor

To after


neediness and lack of glamour


This man


knows me


I think

better than

I know myself.

Love him. Yes I do.

Love him. Yes I do.

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown 2013

Learning, Living, Loving

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

After learning to live with myself

I am now mastering the task of loving myself

Like all slopes and up hill hikes

I sometimes stumble

I sometimes trip

I sometimes fall

I may have not chosen the correct shoes/support/arsenal/tools/energy/footing

For that leg of the journey

Thus needing to retrace steps

Head back to base

To arm myself correctly

I am getting better at matching myself

For ever changing terrain

I now carry spares

Fit for every occasion

No matter how obscure and sudden

It may spring up to meet me.


His grandfather died

An ox, he was, they said

His mother

Alone in China (a country of millions)

Hurtled abuse

Through the screen

In the form of criticisms

About his face

And its lack of expression

The loss of someone you love


Especially when you’ve been divided

By continents and years


A wasted emotion

Becomes a force

That’ll knock you


Any chance it gets

Don’t let your guard down

Or you’re done for.

Rainbow Life

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown