36/52 Stills Collection

Juju Bom @ Majestic Theatre

23/52 Stills Collection

As you can probably tell from quite a few of my previous posts my husband and his music feature heavily in my world.

It’s a constant, yes. Making a living, from anything, including music, takes a lot of time and energy and tends to filter into the lives of the ones you love.

I am grateful to be able to help him out when and where I can, especially when it comes to designing and photographing for anything – from posters to CD covers.

Hayden [my hubby – whose B’day is today! Praise to the universe that this beautiful soul was born and found me!] is the front man of an eight-piece funk/afro beats band,

The Hayden Hack Infusion. But he also does his own solo thang. Sure I’m biased….. but…. he has a beautiful voice. And you can hear it even more on his solo stuff.

The picture for this week is the cover for his solo CD. It is a picture I took in district 6 in Cape Town, South Africa.

We had just parked the car and when I looked out of my window, this is what I saw –


What'll it Take-1


I love moments like the one above that seem to just offer themselves up to you to photograph. To capture. Life. As it is.

The only change that has been made to this image is that it’s been flipped, horizontally, to make it work as a CD cover. It is otherwise untouched.

Anyway I can’t tell you about Hayden’s voice, you’ll need to decide for yourself.  You can do that here.

22/52 Stills Collection

Nai Palm fuzzy-1


The above photo is of the delightful Nai Palm from the spunky band, Hiatus Kaiyote. As busy as life gets one must take time to enjoy all the pleasures on offer. I kinda half surprised the hubby (a certain gig was not listed on the calender and caused some planning drama….so we had to chat about the surprise which made it, well, no longer a surprise but a known) and we flew to Melbourne to go and see Hiatus Kaiyote at the last of their Wednesday residencies at Howler in Brunswick. To say they were impressive is true. They are certainly a band to watch… and well listen to. Definitely.





17/52 Stills Collection



This is my hubby’s band, The Hayden Hack Infusion. This is one of the pics I put together for the booklet of their debut album. It is called The Colour of…. and you will soon be able to purchase the physical CD and digital downloads from their website. Check it out here. They are also on FB, soundcloud etc. Anyhoo, what a colour bunch they are! Have a listen to their tunes. They have worked hard.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

A tribute to a very special man. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Thank you.


Below are the lyrics to a song my talented husband wrote in tribute to Nelson (or Madiba as he is also known).

An African man
I am
Born into a Rainbow Nation
The colour of our skin no matter no
It’s the blood that-
It’s the blood that run

See my history could be better
I have never been much of a reader
but the way I, I see it
We grow all our Knowledge though experience
And I lived it
Watched it as a child every day
As an

An African man
I am
Born into a Rainbow Nation
The Colour of our skin no matter no
It’s the blood that
It’s the blood that run

From a family (repeat)

See for most of his life-time of 27 yr
They Exiled him to an island
out of fear
And they almost almost sent him blind
Through forcing him to dig down, down, down deep in the quarries of lime
For his “crimes against humanity”????
No, No they didn’t see
No, No they didn’t see
What is Unity

He was a visionary
He was a Visionary eeeeehhh!!

Then as as he walked out with his head held high
Screaming AMANDLA!!!(power in Zulu)
With his fist in the sky
Singin’ freedom for all
Freedom, freedom for all (repeat)

Cause we know that everything will be OK
one day
OK OK OK OK OK one day

One day…..

“Rainbow Nation” A tribute to Nelson Mandela
Written by Hayden Hack

And here is a link to the song itself – RAINBOW NATION by The Hayden Hack Infusion

Facebook page of The Hayden Hack Infusion here

And YouTube clips here

Biography of Nelson Mandela here

Why Nelson is a badass here

Thank you for your lessons in humanity and compassion Nelson. Power to the peaceful!