5/52 Poetry Collection



We share a story

A fairytale existence

Full of laughter

A bubble not to be popped.


Our own orbit

Grounded in truth

Held aloft by love

Deepened with understanding


Strong winds,

Shaky ground,

Uneven terrain

Through it all

Hands clasped firm


Eyes locked

We are


Love him. Yes I do.

Love him. Yes I do.

Saddle up

E a r l y morning and

the c h i l d r e n ‘ s voices

have j o i n e d in with the choir of birds

announcing day b r e a k.

I would have rather not k n o w n

preferred to lay

i g n o r a n t

between the w a r m t h

of the s h e e t s .

In a s t a t e

b e t w e e n worlds

neither h e r e nor t h e r e

my s u b c o n s c i o u s

in charge

my d r e a m s t a t e

at the r e i n s .

t’was n o t to be.


good m o r n i n g

s a d d l e u p

let’s r i d e

this p o n y





The hills are alive with the sound of children



Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown


Island Vibe

Island vibes

Familiar ties

times and tides

changing lives

A few years running

and I find myself



By the ocean

round and round

without a wheel of time

following the sun

in the winds wake.

Life is

and will forever be

that which you create.


Island Vibe Family 2012

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

This Man

This man


knows me

From the hairs on

my belly

to the curve of my breast.


This man


knows me

From the heights

of irrationality

to the depths

of desire.


This man


knows me

From before


drunkenness and stupor

To after


neediness and lack of glamour


This man


knows me


I think

better than

I know myself.

Love him. Yes I do.

Love him. Yes I do.

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown 2013

Poetry in Motion

I am poetry in motion




painstakingly reworking

all the finer details

(years of work for a 3 minute show)


I am poetry in motion

Different from yesterday

In sync with the present

Aware of future alterations


I am poetry in motion

Full of haiku breaths

with sonnets in my hair

Sometimes in capital with

lower case moments


I am poetry in motion

Adding abstract narrative

Constantly commentating


I am poetry in motion.




Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown


Bleary eyed

Tired vibe

These bees buzz


in the tree above my head

It’s in bloom

I’ve been reading about the laws of attraction

and creative visulisation


then the 23rd chocolate

from the advent calender

sent from their great aunt

The children silent

watching a movie

Whilst I try to come to terms

with my hangover

amidst the overhead buzzing.

Twin Fins


I find myself missing you

The complementary nature of our energies

is like no other before

I find myself missing you

Since our friendships inception

Every moment has been shared

Now too far away to call

for no apparent reason

Late at night

Early in the morning

When the sun is it’s highest in the sky.

I find myself missing you

Under a similar sky

Feet planted on different patches of earth

Separated by the ocean


I will find myself missing you

Until we swim together again

In the same see

Twin fins

You see






The ocean. Vast.