Colouring Book

In this

my colouring book of life

I have started

to incorporate

some of the more vibrant hues

and am no longer


to colour outside of the lines.

In fact

I love it.

In fact

it gives me a thrill.

Tickles my fancy so to speak.

It helps that I

care less and less what others think of me.

In my cloak of patch-worked rainbows



Growth and learning

I happily stand out from the crowd

Dancing to a tune only I can hear.


Rainbow Life


Big League

Joining the big league

Bigging up myself

With belief

Mixing in confidence and intention

Large amounts of intention

Setting it all off with discipline and action

(Remember it speaks louder than words)

Not so much faking it

As making it


Allowing the cracks to be

So that light may stream in

I am

Therefore I am

I am

Therefore I am

Let it be

Let me be me

Let me be the best version of me

I can possibly be.


Confused as to my next step




It should be taken

I have choreographed

Up until this point

Included spins, lifts, all genres and techniques


Back and forth

And now the music is paused,


Like netball

Perhaps I am playing the wrong sport

Need to switch teams, leagues, directions, motivations

It hasn’t rained in a while

My creative pool


To a trickle

A semi-stagnant puddle.

Let it pour down

And help remove me from muddle

And onto that next step.




His grandfather died

An ox, he was, they said

His mother

Alone in China (a country of millions)

Hurtled abuse

Through the screen

In the form of criticisms

About his face

And its lack of expression

The loss of someone you love


Especially when you’ve been divided

By continents and years


A wasted emotion

Becomes a force

That’ll knock you


Any chance it gets

Don’t let your guard down

Or you’re done for.

Rainbow Life

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown