1/52 Poetry Collection

I decided that I would also like to challenge myself with a poem a week. Not just written but shared. I am a tad late but will catch up quick. Here’s the first installment.


There is an art to letting go

An art to saying goodbye

A process to remove

the consequences

of a cosmic moment

when time stood


and the universe choose you.

There is an art to grief

There is an art to choice

But there are consequences still.

There is an art to silence

And an art to knowing

When and how to share

An art to being okay when you’re somewhat not.

Sacred contracts



A choice made then

Cannot be made now.

An art to living on.



Neal's farewell-315

Learning, Living, Loving

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

After learning to live with myself

I am now mastering the task of loving myself

Like all slopes and up hill hikes

I sometimes stumble

I sometimes trip

I sometimes fall

I may have not chosen the correct shoes/support/arsenal/tools/energy/footing

For that leg of the journey

Thus needing to retrace steps

Head back to base

To arm myself correctly

I am getting better at matching myself

For ever changing terrain

I now carry spares

Fit for every occasion

No matter how obscure and sudden

It may spring up to meet me.

No Matter

I walk a proud line

On this stretch of shore

Dragging driftwood behind me

Carving my mark through the wet sand

No matter that the tide will come and wash it away

No matter, my line is strong, my mark is deep, my head is high

No matter

No matter

No matter

I stand tall and firm

On this piece of earth, on this here my patch of dirt

Spreading roots deep and wide beneath

Branches nimble yet strong above

No matter that the ground will shake my bones and the wind will howl through my hair

No matter, my core is solid, my stance is bound, my aim is clear, my vision unique

No matter

No matter

No matter

I dream bold

In all the colours of the rainbow

Growing wiser by the second

Trusting instinct more than ever before

No matter that reality may crash this party at any moment

No matter that others dream in different tones and hues

No matter, this here dream is mine and mine alone

No matter

No matter

No matter

No matter, only energy

And my energy is love personified.