7/52 Poetry Collection



I write to make sense

of all that surrounds me

I write to exentuate

all that I have

all that I am

all that I will be


I write to share

depths of my soul

degrees of my persona

not so easily seen


I write to lay bare

to gain perspective

to view and be viewed


I write to inspire

both myself and others

To bring about change

to encourage

to enable


I write to write

a compulsion

a passion

A deep-seated need for the power of words.


words etc

3/52 Poetry Collection



There was a girl last night

At the club

Outside in a smoke screen

Talking about her 20km walk for breast cancer

Short patterned skirt

Tight black singlet – all boobs

Fake Chanel bag, rummaging for fire within

She described the walk……

“Weather was a bitch,

I was hungover like a cunt”

I laughed at the time – drinks helped with that

But now

I can’t help but think

What would my grandma say

Had she have heard her?

The language of the free and easy.


2/52 Poetry Collection


The steps of forward motion

of  positive thinking

of creative visualisation

are riddled

with pock marks

deep holes

filled with every negative


I have ever had

Often I am able to jump clear

Raise the bar high above



They snare me in their clutches

And it takes all of my


To break free.

And when I do

It feels as though

I have to start from scratch

Once again

Build myself up one positive brick at a time

Only this time it is faster

My workload slightly less

Those nasty pot holes

Covered over for the time being

Round and round

in circles I go

Until one fine day

I will reach the heights of



Walk towards your light. Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Walk towards your light.
Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown


1/52 Poetry Collection

I decided that I would also like to challenge myself with a poem a week. Not just written but shared. I am a tad late but will catch up quick. Here’s the first installment.


There is an art to letting go

An art to saying goodbye

A process to remove

the consequences

of a cosmic moment

when time stood


and the universe choose you.

There is an art to grief

There is an art to choice

But there are consequences still.

There is an art to silence

And an art to knowing

When and how to share

An art to being okay when you’re somewhat not.

Sacred contracts



A choice made then

Cannot be made now.

An art to living on.



Neal's farewell-315

Island Vibe

Island vibes

Familiar ties

times and tides

changing lives

A few years running

and I find myself



By the ocean

round and round

without a wheel of time

following the sun

in the winds wake.

Life is

and will forever be

that which you create.


Island Vibe Family 2012

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown

This Man

This man


knows me

From the hairs on

my belly

to the curve of my breast.


This man


knows me

From the heights

of irrationality

to the depths

of desire.


This man


knows me

From before


drunkenness and stupor

To after


neediness and lack of glamour


This man


knows me


I think

better than

I know myself.

Love him. Yes I do.

Love him. Yes I do.

Copyright Ketakii Jewson-Brown 2013


Bleary eyed

Tired vibe

These bees buzz


in the tree above my head

It’s in bloom

I’ve been reading about the laws of attraction

and creative visulisation


then the 23rd chocolate

from the advent calender

sent from their great aunt

The children silent

watching a movie

Whilst I try to come to terms

with my hangover

amidst the overhead buzzing.

Colouring Book

In this

my colouring book of life

I have started

to incorporate

some of the more vibrant hues

and am no longer


to colour outside of the lines.

In fact

I love it.

In fact

it gives me a thrill.

Tickles my fancy so to speak.

It helps that I

care less and less what others think of me.

In my cloak of patch-worked rainbows



Growth and learning

I happily stand out from the crowd

Dancing to a tune only I can hear.


Rainbow Life